• "Two And," The Waltzing Bunnies


    "Two And," The Waltzing Bunnies is the final piece from my blacksmithing career.  It combines my love for the dance with my fascination with the artistic possibilities of the Harvey House ashtray designed by architect Mary Colter.

    The piece is 27" tall, 17" long and 11" wide.  Thanks to my friend Howard Granzow for the construction of the maple dance floor.  The pieces are proportioned to me and my long-time dance partner and friend, Belinda Jentzen.    

    After many frustrating hours trying to get this web design page to accept the high quality professional photos I had taken of this piece, I have given up and used shop photos that I took.  The professional shots were accepted in the other section of the website, and I will be happy to email them to you.